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Alteration Apparel

Oni Mask T-Shirt

Oni Mask T-Shirt

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Unleash the spirit of the mystical samurai with our Oni Mask T-Shirt. Crafted with meticulous detail, this extraordinary garment blends fantasy and tradition. The powerful Oni Mask design symbolizes strength, while the samurai embodies honor and bravery. Made with high-quality materials for comfort and durability, this t-shirt is your gateway to a world of style and adventure. Embrace the warrior within and make a bold fashion statement. Experience the fusion of ancient legends and contemporary fashion with the Oni Mask T-Shirt.

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Alteration: Magic and Meaning

  • Alteration Magic:

    Alteration magic is a caster magic art involving the ability of altering, to the user's liking, a target's physical and magical properties. This magic allows them to change a target's properties and appearance, or even create various items or materials for their personal use.

  • Another Meaning:

    The act or process of altering something 1: The shirt needs alteration for a proper fit.The result of changing or altering something: such as a change made in fitting a garment